By Lynn Robbins

As a business owner who depends on credit card payments for most of his sales, Bob Craft of Xtreme Diesel Performance understands the complexity of the payment process.

Several years ago, when Craft began his search for a company to process payments for his truck accessories business, he looked for someone he could trust.

“I like to have relationships with my business partners,” he said.

Craft wanted someone who would do the work right, be honest and reasonable in billing and be there when he needed customer support. He found that in Dick Spigai, CEO of On The Mark Payments.

“I’ve shopped around and Spigai’s team is not only giving me great service, they’re giving me very competitive, if not the best, pricing,” Craft said. “In addition, they helped educate me on how processing works.”

Which is, once a customer submits their credit card information, it travels through an electronic gateway to the merchant’s bank, then to the credit card network and on to the customer’s issuing bank to be accepted or declined. The results are sent to the merchant’s bank and once the transaction is accepted, funds are transferred to the merchant’s bank account.

“Processing involves multiple steps and there are a lot of moving parts,” said Craft.

Whenever he has a question or needs help, Craft can count on Spigai and his technical support team, he added.

“Our clients know they can pick up the phone and talk to me or my staff directly,” said Spigai, who has worked in the industry for several decades. “You can’t do that with the huge banks.”

“We offer our customers everything that’s current in the marketplace. We have all the same bells and whistles as the major banks and we offer them with a personal touch. That includes iPads, table top terminals, the latest buzz stuff like Apple Pay or near field technology. We deploy that hardware and software and we set it up personally.”

Spigai refers to his company as a boutique alternative to the mega-players.

Robin Lefkowitz, executive vice president/director of branch administration and business development for Northfield Bank, refers On The Mark to her business customers because the company mirrors the bank’s philosophy of putting the customer’s best interests up front, being relationship-driven and always willing and able to help in any way.

“They will do what is best for the client even if it means they will make less money,” she said. “They follow up. I like that they are a family-owned company.”

Spigai’s son, daughters, son-in-law and niece also serve in key roles within the company.

Lefkowitz said she refers On The Mark to just about any type of business that accepts credit cards, including restaurants, retailers, independent hotels, medical practices, car dealerships and building and paving contractors.

After comparing On The Mark’s pricing with other payment processing companies, several of the bank’s customers discovered that Spigai’s company offered huge saving – between $14,000 and $40,000 annually. A hospital that uses On The Mark saved a hundred thousand dollars, Spigai said.

The Gateway Regional Chamber of Commerce has been using On The Mark for more than a year and the company has become one of the chamber’s Affinity Partners.

“They come through and when the vendor comes through, it helps you focus on your business, the main services you offer,” said Bidisa Rai, the chamber’s network and computer systems administrator.

When there was a technical glitch with the chamber’s website, On The Mark immediately went to work on the problem and resolved the issue, Rai said. In another instance, when the chamber realized at the last minute it needed a mobile processor for an outside event, Spigai’s team set them up on the spot.

“I don’t have to worry about them being up to their game,” Rai said.

Before On The Mark became an Affinity Partner, the company was reviewed by the Gateway Chamber staff and board members, who conducted a real-life pilot test of the program to gauge its efficacy and ease of use.

After proving to be a company that does what it promises and provides excellent service, On The Mark became an Affinity Partner offering discount pricing to chamber members.

Spigai believes his clients are happy with his service because his staff is committed to their customers and his company is an efficiently run, family-owned business.

“We watch our Ps and Qs,” Spigai said.

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