On The Mark (OTM) Payments, a provider of customized electronic payment solutions, is pleased to announce a synergistic partnership with technology provider, CardX, to deliver a new program enabling merchants to pass along credit card processing fees to their customers.

In all but five states (CO, CT, MA, OK, and KS), card brands now allow merchants to surcharge customers using credit cards assuming strict compliance regulations are met. OTM offers its current and prospective clients an innovative and turn-key surcharge-compliant solution which successfully meets card brand rules and local laws with unique processing software and hardware. With transparent disclosures, customers are afforded the option of paying with cash or debit cards that do not carry a fee.

“The economic value of this program to merchants is enormous,” explains OTM Payments CEO Dick Spigai. “These new rules are allowing for businesses from every industry to now do what universities and government entities had long been permitted to do – pass on the transaction fees when customers choose credit cards for convenience or rewards. It’s a game changer.”

“The US has the most expensive interchange pricing in the world and the cost of credit card acceptance continues to rise for businesses. In fact, from 2012 to 2018, total interchange fees levied by Visa and Mastercard in the US increased by a staggering 77%,” says CardX CEO Jonathan Razi. “OTM Payments has a proven track record of delivering meaningful processing solutions and we are proud to partner with a provider that prioritizes the best interests of its merchants, ensuring products and services necessary for cost-effective operations.”

Merchants interested in learning more about accepting credit cards through this innovative surcharge program should contact OTM Payments at 732.230.7700.

OTM Payments provides seamless, secure and innovative payment solutions across a variety of industries including healthcare, retail, hospitality, education, non-profits, professional and service organizations. Through its innovative agent bank program, the company also delivers end-to-end electronic payment solutions to financial institutions and their commercial customers. For more information, visit

MEDIA CONTACT: Christine Spigai
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