The past four months have been challenging to say the least. Social distancing, stay-at-home orders and businesses temporarily closing their doors – but now that we are about to embark on a post-COVID-19 path, what should businesses be examining to prepare?

As On The Mark Payments delivered uninterrupted support to our clients from a variety of essential industries throughout the last several months, there’s been a noticeable uptick in credit card acceptance overall. Now as non-essential businesses begin to open their doors again, we do not expect that trend to change. Business owners will see little to no cash being used, whether for safety reasons or because of the economy. When it comes to accepting credit cards, it is important to adapt operations to meet this anticipated increase in usage while still prioritizing the safety and health of staff and customers. Merchants must adhere to the proper protocols with social distance in mind and contactless terminals will make it easier to do just that.

Contactless payments are protected by multiple layers of security and accepted by millions of merchants worldwide. If a cardholder has the contactless indicator  on their credit or debit card, they can make a contactless payment. Contactless payments use short-range wireless technology to provide fast, secure communication between contactless-enabled cards and contactless-enabled checkout terminals. When your customers tap their card at the terminal, the payment is processed using the same dynamic security technology as with chip card payments. Each transaction is accompanied by a one-time code that securely protects the payment information. The customer never touches the terminal or comes in contact with your staff.

As an alternative, many merchants are choosing to set up a smart and compact pin pad on top of the reception desk or counter and installing custom-fit, plexiglass shields between this payment area and staff. This type of pin pad requires minimal counter space and allows the consumer to keep the card in their hand, rather than giving it to a staff member for processing.

To learn more about these and other customized, technology-driven processing solutions that will meet today’s best practices while saving you money on credit card acceptance, please call us at 732-230-7702.

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